Fabian Eidner is a multi-disciplinary researcher based in Stuttgart, Germany. His integrative research approach lies at the intersection of digital fabrication, material science and intuition, using algorithms as a language to mediate between the capacities therein.



Concrete Columns, Ceramic Vases or Recyclable Formworks are only a few examples for the application of Additive Manufacturing Techniques (3D-Printing). The challenge in their Manufacture lies in the automated digital design process as well as the generation of a continuous Printing Path (Slicing).

This course provides an insight into the basic mechanics of Python Scripting within the Grasshopper environment, allowing you to create tailored components for the Design, Analysis and Export of various expressive cylindric shapes. 

To explore the aesthetic potential of 3D-Printing we dive into the influence of trigonometric functions as a design driver for corrugating-interfering surface patterns.

In 4 hours of video lessons you will apply the Python Syntax from the very Beginner to Intermediate Level. With a special focus on object-oriented scripting (Classes) the final script is able to create a multitude of one of a kind shapes within fractions of a second, visualizing their Data and eventually exporting their G-Code for a potential fabrication.

The 4-hour video course is divided into 7 parts and can be played on demand.

    //course structure / content

1. Python 101: Data Types, Lists, Conditionals, Loops, Functions, Classes
2. Design of Cylindric-Base-Shapes
3. Surface Manipulation through Trigonometric Functions 
4. Quantify Printing Statistics
5. Generation of G-Code
6. Visualizing Data: Create Mesh, Preview Printpath and Data
7. Export: Export G-Code, Mesh and Statistics

    //required skills / software

- No prior knowledge required, Basic understanding of scripting (GH) helpful
- Grasshopper for Rhino3D


This python-course contains 4 hours of video-on-demand - tutorials. 49 $


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